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Mobile View Rates Skyrocket While Cost per View Shrinks With YouTube Shorts Strategy



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Increase Engagement, Traffic, & Conversions 

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The Situation

Thorogood® is an industry-leading outdoor boots brand that’s been based in the US for over 130 years and is a very well-known, reputable manufacturer in their space. The business came to ROI Revolution in 2020 looking to grow traffic by expanding their online presence through a combination of paid and organic search optimization.

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Opportunity Identified

By developing a paid and organic search strategy in tandem, a business can dominate the first page of Google search results. After optimizing Thorogood®’s PPC and SEO strategy thoroughly, ROI’s teams collaborated to identify the next best opportunity for growth. YouTube Shorts seemed like a great way to expand into a new ad type to increase Thorogood®’s brand presence and profitability even more.

ROI in Action

Since YouTube Shorts are a newer ad type, the ROI team consulted our partners at Google to establish best practices and budgets to manage Thorogood®’s Shorts strategy. With YouTube Shorts, there was an opportunity to have mobile-optimized videos instead of videos made for desktop that also appeared on mobile. With the new YouTube Shorts strategy, mobile view rates skyrocketed from just 2% to 18%! This also led to not just increases in click-through rates and goal conversions but also a significant decrease in cost per views, leading to a highly profitable strategy for the brand. In fact, Thorogood® had their strongest year ever in 2022.

Results Achieved

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