Optimizing Conversion Rates to Amplify Paid Search Success

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Optimizing for conversions can lead to bigger budgets across all channels, especially paid search. Yet nearly 80% of businesses are unsatisfied with their conversion rates. How can your brand take better control of your website and PPC campaigns to increase revenue and convert more browsers into buyers?

We partnered with Digital Commerce 360 to address this question. Watch the replay to discover:

  • How to defeat the 3 frictions that tank conversions: functionality, motivation, and expectation.
  • User behavior testing strategies to better understand your audience.
  • How achieving higher conversion rates leads to lower CPA, improved ROAS, and bigger budgets for your paid search campaigns.
  • Actionable takeaways directly from successful tests deployed by online retailers. 

When it comes to conversions, user expectation is reality. It’s time to challenge the status quo and get on the path to improved customer acquisition. Watch the video today!