9 Google Ad Traps That Kill Profits

Asking the Right Questions to Avoid Profit Pitfalls

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Has your ecommerce business fallen into the “set-it-and-forget-it” trap with AdWords settings? You’re not alone! Over 80% of high-spending accounts are still operating with profit-draining, default settings in place.

It’s time to take your Google Ads account off autopilot, as most accounts gain 20% efficiency by utilizing the right management tactics.

Read this report to discover:

  • Successful optimization strategies for keywords, product feeds, and bid management. (Pages 3, 4, & 8)
  • How to target your campaigns to an audience that will consistently convert. (Pages 5-9)
  • Mobile tactics that dominate Google search and display ads. (Pages 10-11)

Turn off the cruise control on your campaigns and watch your revenue soar. Get the report today!

9 AdWords Traps That Kill Profits