An Executive’s Guide to Brand Attribution Marketing

Full-Funnel Branding for Ecommerce Marketers

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Full-funnel attribution is messy.  In a misguided attempt to fix this, brands often simply slice the buyer journey in half. The brand team gets the top; the ecommerce team gets the bottom. This is far from ideal. Overall marketing performance suffers when each half of the funnel is optimized in isolation.  The buyer’s journey isn’t divided.

This executive guide introduces Brand Attribution Marketing, a new model which unifies branding and ecommerce marketing under a single mission: cultivating a rich relationship with your market to produce a rich long-term harvest of revenue.  Some of what’s covered:

  • New attribution insights brands can leverage to boost performance & unify the marketing funnel.
  • Overcoming the common ecommerce marketing weakness which cripples long-term growth potential.
  • The essential marketing optimization shift to drive more customers and brand advocates.

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