Google Shopping: 5 Settings That Kill Profitability

Drive More Sales with These Crucial Campaign Adjustments

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Using Google’s standard settings could be crippling your business! Google Shopping has incredible potential for retailers to increase traffic and conversions, but only if you know how to optimize your account structure.

The result is inefficient ad spend and squandered opportunities to capture more business.

Avoid the mistakes that 99% of ecommerce merchants face – simply because they haven’t delved into these critical aspects of their Google Shopping settings and account structure.

Read this report to uncover:

  • The #1 Google Shopping mistake (and how to fix it).
  • Easy-to-implement adjustments to your mobile settings that will scale the profitability of your mobile visitors.
  • How to drive more traffic with higher return on investment using an underrated enhancement to default campaign targeting.
  • The secrets to fine-tuning your advertising schedule for peak ROI.

This special report offers key strategies that, when implemented, will vastly improve the effectiveness of your Google Shopping campaigns. Don’t let a “set it and forget it” mentality hinder your online growth. Take action and download this report today!

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