Programmatic Advertising in a Cookieless World

How Your Ecommerce Brand Can Thrive Moving Forward

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Since the dawn of digital, marketing strategies have relied on cookies as a proxy for identity. But the world of marketing is changing. The departure of browser-based tracking is upon us.

By late 2024, Google will phase out third-party cookies running on Chrome and transform how brands track, target, and engage with customers.

In other words, web tracking as we know it is going away.

Adhering to consumer data privacy regulations and being transparent about what your brand does with consumer data is no longer a choice. But right now, programmatic buyers rate their organizations’ readiness for cookie deprecation at only 3.5 on a scale of 1-51. Is your brand prepared? Read on to uncover insights like:

  • The who, what, and when behind the impact of third-party cookie deprecation.
  • Unexpected opportunities to drive targeted campaigns once cookies go away with programmatic advertising.
  • How brand executives and marketers like you plan to profitably navigate a post-cookie world.

Lift the cloud of confusion around the cookieless future and make sure your programmatic strategy is equipped to handle the changes. Fill out the form to get the report.

Source: IAB, Dec. 2020