How to Thrive in Cyber 5

Google Industry Insights for Q4 Brand Domination

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The five-day period encompassing Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday – also known as Cyber 5 – is a crucial time of the year for profitable brand growth. This colossal “extended holiday” brought in $24.2B in sales and comprised 19.2% of total holiday revenue in 2018, presenting a tremendous opportunity to brands who want to finish out the year with strong profits.

This report, produced with exclusive industry insights provided by Google, will prepare your brand to thrive in Cyber 5 and achieve your 2019 holiday goals. You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase conversions by crafting a frictionless buying experience with personalization & consistent messaging.
  • Build brand awareness with a multi-channel, multi-device, & multi-platform strategy.
  • Enhance your predictive decision-making by tapping into AI, automation, & machine learning.

Download your report today, chock full of expert insights provided straight from Google, and dominate this Thanksgiving Weekend!

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