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Feed your appetite for profitable brand growth.
A skillfully managed product feed is foundational to your multi-channel advertising success – especially when up against aggressive competitors on Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Let our conversion-focused product feed optimization experts drive your scalable customer acquisition and sustainable ecommerce growth.

Strategy Individualized for You

You don’t deserve a one-size-fits-all approach. Your ROI team will create a detailed, custom strategy that you won’t get anywhere else.

At ROI, we believe that there’s no such thing as blanket best practices. With ROI you’ll get a strategy 100% tailored to and developed specifically for your business. We combine our technical expertise with our knowledge of your brand, products, and campaign goals to craft your ideal strategy.
Feeds Startegy Individualized

Easy Setup

Simply put: We’ll make your product feed management easy, and we’ll do an amazing job.

Let us alleviate your product feed burdens. Our simple, fully customizable setup process takes one to three weeks and removes all the stress and uncertainty out of managing and optimizing your feed. We make product data connection easy for you through direct integration with all leading ecommerce platforms.

Feeds Easy Setup

Ongoing Optimization

We don’t set it and forget it. We keep improving your feed over time.

At ROI, we don’t just reach your goal posts – we raise them. Google Shopping feed optimization shouldn’t be treated like a one-and-done ordeal. We conduct ongoing testing and analysis to maximize your search visibility, traffic quality, and performance. We collaborate with your campaign management teams to support continuously evolving campaign initiatives.

Feeds ongoing optimization
When you win, we win.
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Treadmill Doctor Sees 132% Surge in Revenue After Optimizing Product Feed Increases New Users by 34% Through Google Smart Shopping & Machine Learning
Your trusted agency with the feeling of an in-house team.
Product feeds require constant vigilance and a hands-on approach. Take charge of your optimization plan today with a dedicated, detailed-oriented team.

Product Feed Optimization Service Offerings

We’ve manage and optimize Google, Microsoft (Bing), and other Shopping feeds for more than 100 brands and over 200 domains.

Social media is a key revenue driver for many brands. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds are in good hands with us.

We work directly with our clients’ affiliate partners to provide accurate, optimized product data that meets the partner’s data specifications.

We support all remarketing and display platforms to help you stay top-of-mind with high-intent shoppers and win responsive audiences.

Replatforming your website? Let us handle your product feeds to ensure you have a stress-free transition. We help you avoid common feed pitfalls that happen when brands replatform, like changing IDs and changing product categorizations. We also coordinate closely on the timing of your new feed launch to minimize downtime.


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Our hybrid intelligence RevolutionSuite® pairs automation with human expertise. Automated processes monitor your product feed to proactively prevent issues, with experts behind the keyboard equipped to act on any challenges or opportunities that may arise.

Hybrid intelligence

Smart AI &

Monitor your Merchant Center health and use your content to automate Search campaign buildouts.

Web Store & Product Data Integration

We can easily retrieve all relevant information on your products without any extra work on your end.

Smart Product Performance Insights

These insights allow your team to recommend custom product groupings to fast-track campaign scaling.

Query Data Analysis

Use relevant data to increase your products’ visibility in online search results.

Data Governance

Automatically monitor changes to product data and prevent feed issues before they happen.

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